Feeling down – How to Beat The Blues

March 23, 2016

by Karl Perera

depressed girlIn this quick an article I want to make the connection between feeling down and depression. I want dispell the ideas of those who say feeling sad is something completely different from depression.

I would also like to talk about how you can stop feeling bad and change your mood whenever you want to. This will give you power over depression. What is the difference between feeling down and being depressed?

I came across a really good explanation recently which outlined the difference between feeling sad and being depressed. It was an interesting definition that made me think about this whole question in a totally different way:

The difference between depression and feeling sad is that when you are depressed you feel sad but have no hope at all. If you feel sad there is usually a reason and you know that eventually you will stop feeling sad and feel much better. Depression is such a negative state of mind that you can see no hope and feel completely trapped in your despair.

You can see that from the above I agree with those who see depression as a state of mind and as a result of negative thinking rather than some chemical imbalance. Of course medication has its place and I have been depressed and have taken medication for it. The medication is just a temporary fix and allows you to relax and become calm in order to be able to recover more quickly. Depression is a kind of stress and in order to feel better you need to relax and medication helps. Medication is never the cure, the cure is inside you.

Are you feeling sad or are you depressed?

If you’re feeling bad there are ways in which you can quickly change your mood. I’ll come to those in a minute…

If you are depressed it’s a little bit more difficult although there is a lot that you can do to help yourself. The way to recover from depression is to stop feeling like a victim and decide to take charge of your thinking. If you can change your thinking from negative to positive you’ll be on the road to recovery. Don’t get me wrong I think that you may need help and you need to decide exactly what form of help you need.

Ask yourself if you feel really depressed today do you believe that you are feeling down or do you truly think that your situation is hopeless, that you are stuck and can’t escape?

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If, on the other hand, you’re feeling unhappy then there are many things you can do to pick yourself up. Medication is not required. The only medication you need is in your mind.

How to pick yourself up when you’re feeling down

  • Take a refreshing shower – you’ll feel so much better
  • Try smiling or better still watch a stupidly funny film and start laughing – it’s impossible to feel down if you’re laughing
  • Treat yourself and take time out to do what you want to do or go where you feel happy
  • Listen to some inspirational music
  • Meet with a friend who you know will lift your spirits
  • Read a positive self help book
  • Use the incredible power of self hypnosis – download this helpful program to feel happier

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One of the best ways to change the way you feel instantly and to help you if you are feeling bad is to use gratitude.

Expressing gratitude can improve your mood, attitude and even your health according to many surveys including one commissioned by spirituality.com in which 84% of those interview said that this was very effective. Your optimism can be greatly increased by regularly saying thank you for the things which are good in your life.

Depression often begins with feeling down and then as you continue to feel worse and worse and more negative you feel trapped in this cycle. Why? Depression is really the absence of hope and what can be more negative than that?

The power of gratitude is that you change the way you think from a focus on what is going wrong to what is actually good in your life. That change alone can halt your negative path into feeling depressed and hopeless.

You see, if you don’t do something to change the way you are thinking your mind may control you and drag you deeper into doubting yourself and into painting your world in shades of grey. Your mind focuses more on worry and sadness and forgets what a joy it is to live. Being grateful for what you have now is a huge step in the right direction.

If you feel trapped ask yourself this question

It doesn’t matter what your situation is right now, there is ALWAYS something that is right in your life. I told myself this when I was depressed. I suffered severe depression for over two years and this is what freed me from it…

Ask yourself: “What is right in my life right now? What is good in my life that I can be thankful for?”

If you are depressed you may need time to think of answers. Take that time and come up with at least five things you can be thankful for. Say thank you for each thing one by one. Thank God if you believe in Him. If not, just be grateful and say thank you anyway.

Doing this will release you from feeling paralyzed and trapped for sure because it opens up the possibility of hope. If something is right in your life then other things can be too.

Even if there seems no end to your sadness if you come into the present and stop thinking and worrying about the past or the future you can find something to be grateful for now. Start with just one thing if that’s all you can think of. A person, a place, a pet, anything…

If your being grateful should lead to thinking about how grateful you are about today then your depression will have gone. That is how powerful this is.

So get started today and be thankful!