March 23, 2016

About Me

Karl Perera

Karl Perera on Google+ Let me tell you a little about myself. I lived in Izmir (Western Turkey) for many years and now live in the UK and do go back to Turkey regularly. I am married to Elgiz and have a son Daniel who is 23 and a daughter Ebru who’s 31 years old. I have worked in Electronics, Sales and Teaching. I am not a mental health professional or doctor just someone with a lot of life experience to share.

I have lived in Australia, England, Italy and Turkey and moved around a lot especially when I was 5-11 years old. This created a number of problems even at that young age.

I speak Italian, Spanish and Turkish. I have overcome low self esteem, inferiority, depression and much more in my life and as a result of my experiences felt that I could help others overcome and defeat these debilitating problems. In 1994 I moved to Turkey from England having married two years earlier with a five month old baby boy. That year I also took my final exams at University. The culture shock I faced and change in lifestyle presented real challenges and difficulties.

I would appreciate your comments on the site and how you think it could be improved – contact me.


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