March 23, 2016

depression questions

“Lately I have been going though some not knowing who to trust”

depressed womanWe all have this problem but if you find you cannot trust anybody then this can create a problem as life requires a level of trust in ourselves and at least a few close friends and colleagues. If you cannot trust you will find it hard to open up and feel at ease with people. You need to take the time to sit down and think about who can start to trust. And ask yourself what is stopping you from trusting others and is this reasonable.

“I’m on a new medication named Strattera it is awesome I can focus and my thoughts are not flighty. I found it hard to read a book or sit still for long periods of time until this medicine.”

Glad your medication is helping. Is it short term or long term medication? Taking medication allows us the opportunity to de-stress and take a look at ourselves in a calmer state but I don’t believe that medication can ever be a cure. Any cure for depression comes from inside you.

“I’m working on my Bachelors in pursuit of my Master’s in Social work. I have a surgery coming up and I am confident it will be alright.”

Great! I think you should congratulate yourself on your confidence. This is very positive.

“it is outside of Church I am afraid of people.”


“fall into other unhealthy behaviours”

Such as..?

“being around critics who advise me to go against my beliefs (I am devout Catholic)”

I was brought up as a strict catholic. Being devout is both good and bad. It is good that you have strong beliefs. It is not good if you close your mind to the possibility that your beliefs may need to be modified. Never give in to pressure from others. Be careful to always ask yourself what you think and what you believe and go with that. Everyone has different beliefs and who can say (apart from God) who is right? Why do you see them as critics? Do you have respect for other people’s beliefs too as you want them to respect yours? If you are sure about your beliefs then why do you fear?

I personally believe that questioning is good and helps us get nearer the truth.

Why do you fear falling into negative patterns?

Hope these questions help you, spend some time to think about the answers. Fear comes from confusion and the unknown so ask yourself what you are really afraid of.



There are many problems which sufferers of depression also have. These problems include: – anxiety – stress – sleep problems

These problems may be symptoms of depression or may contribute to depression. To help you recover from depression you should try to solve these problems naturally.


Depression SymptomsA few weeks ago I asked readers of my newsletter to answer this question:

“What is the most important problem or question about depression you think needs to be answered/ solved in my new book about depression?”

Here are some of the answers I received:

What is the link between depression and suicide, and Mental illness?


How can a person overcome depression or get himself out of depression?


What are the causes of depression and how can you avoid, control and stop if from affecting you? What are the effects it has on you, your family, friends and the community at large?

– Suleman

And this suggestion: Please include positive affirmations in your book as well as releasing the past. I know even though I teach it, it is still hard to do.

– Martha

I would like to have your suggestion what should be included in my new book on depression. How would you answer the question above?

Send your answer to the question and I’ll consider including your idea in my book.

“What is the most important problem or question about depression you think needs to be answered/ solved in my new book about depression?”

I’ll add new suggestions here so do come back.