March 23, 2016

10 Obstacles to Overcoming Depression

man sleepingby Karl Perera

In this quick article I want to show you ten major obstacles which can stop you from overcoming depression. If you know what these are, you can help yourself become stronger and overcome them. The result will be less depression and much more happiness in your life. So let’s get started…

What stops you from overcoming depression? Here are ten common mistakes and my quick tips to help you:


#1 Contrary to what many people tell you, pills are not the answer to depression. 

This is common because in today’s world a quick fix is what is required. Also, drug companies have so much money invested that they help to support this idea. It is usually not true, although medicines can help ease the symptoms or control depression in severe cases. Anti-depressants only work for as few as 30% of people. (NY Times article Antidepressants Lift Clouds, But Lose ‘Miracle Drug’ Label, June 30, 2002). Therefore, if you become dependent on medicine you will never be free of depression. It is only part of the solution.

Before you decide whether or not to take medication, it’s a good idea to consider that there may be better ways to combat your depression. There are many potential side effects of medication to consider including feeling sick, tiredness, weight gain and even disturbance of your sleep, so be careful when considering taking antidepressants and be sure to discuss this with a doctor.

Having said this, medication has its place in overcoming depression if your symptoms are moderate or severe because they may allow you to relax and may control the negative feelings, enabling you to address the real reasons why you feel so depressed. Without any form of medication your mind may be so occupied with the pain and negativity that you cannot see anyway forward.

#2 Depression is beyond your control because it is a chemical imbalance in your brain. 

For some this may be true but do you know that you can alter your brain chemistry by changing your mood? You can eat certain foods and feel happier! Chocolate makes you happier, for example, but don’t overdo it! Bananas as well, that’s good news isn’t it? In fact, did you know that the evidence for this imbalance in the brain theory is not very good?

#3 “Depression is something weak people suffer from.” Again, this is completely wrong, and if you believe this, you are likely to hide your depression or try to keep it to yourself. Men often don’t seek help for depression because they are ashamed to admit they are suffering. Thankfully, this is changing as people understand that depression can be serious, affects so many, and is not your fault.

There are so many seemingly balanced people and famous celebrities too that have suffered from depression. In fact, there is a good chance that most of us will suffer from some form of this mental disorder at some point in our lives. It is comforting to know that you are NOT alone.

#4 “There is no cure for depression.” Again, this is not entirely true. Feeling depressed is connected to low self esteem and stress. There is also some considerable support for the idea that depression is a kind of “inner anger”. All these possibilities should help you realise that a true cure would be to resolve the problems that cause your depression in the first place.

You CAN help yourself by improving your self esteem and reducing your stress. Take care of yourself and get help if you need to. If you really do feel that you are depressed I recommend that you look at this depression program as a possible cure. It really works, I know because I followed it personally and it’s helped me. Many visitors to this website have also emailed me and told me how much they enjoyed and benefited from this depression program so rest assured that it is well worth getting.

#5 “Depression passes with time.” It does for most people, but how much time to do you want to waste waiting for it to go away? You can suffer from depression for years, and some people have had it most of their lives, but you can do something about it NOW. You don’t have to live with it.

#6 “Therapy is not helpful.” It most certainly is! It could be exactly what you need to recover. A high percentage of sufferers of depression do recover when they get counselling. The claim that this is the case is often made by those who just don’t want to go through it, could this be you?

#7 “You can get over depression without help.” It is possible but very much harder to handle by yourself. Good relationships help recovery. Support from other people is very important. Seek out a friend’s help or try counseling or therapy.

#8 “Certain people get depression”. In fact anybody can get depression. 15% of people in developed countries suffer from severe depression. (World Health Organization (WHO) report quoted in BBC-Online January 9, 2001) It is a surprisingly common problem so you are not alone and shouldn’t feel ashamed to admit you suffer.

#9 Thinking of yourself as a victim. If you’ve been abused by a partner or as a child it is easy to feel like a victim for years after. You are a victim but this mentality lowers your self esteem and makes you feel helpless. Your confidence can be destroyed… No matter how terrible your past you can move forward and become free of this mentality. It is not easy and you will need help from friends. Love is a great healer. Read this page about victim mentality. Again, counseling or therapy from a professional can be very helpful. The best way to think of dealing with depression is to think of it as a virus that is attacking your body and your health. What do you do with a virus to beat it? You fight it and refuse to give in to it no matter how you feel.

#10 Isolating yourself. Closing yourself off from everyone else is a symptom of depression. This will make you feel more lonely and depressed. It will reinforce your negative thoughts that no-one cares about you. You need to get out even if you don’t feel like it. Visit places or people you like. Push yourself to be sociable. Start to take some interest in an activity, even if just to plan to do it. Apart from anything else, as I know myself, depression can be extremely difficult to cope with especially if you feel you are fighting it on your own. Get help!

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