March 23, 2016

Depression help Newsletter – March 2008

I’ve written a new article called ” Sleep and Depression” for this issue. Hope you like it.

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What is the connection between sleep and depression?

If you don’t get enough sleep you will feel more tired and this makes you susceptible to depression. If you are already depressed then lack of sleep may worsen your depression.

You must cure any sleep problem you have if you want to combat your depression. Disturbed sleep results from…. Read the full article

Want to know how to cure your insomnia and ease your depression?

I was recently suffering from insomnia. I couldn’t sleep properly at all. As this continued I started to feel depressed and tired constantly. I downloaded an ebook called “Natural Sleep Secrets”. I read it from cover to cover.I encourage you to take a look at this because it is an amazing book and will help you as it helped me.

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