March 23, 2016

My Philosophy on Depression

As I have suffered depression before and know what the experience is like, I feel that my experience enables me to help others. That is basically why I built this site and continue to work on making it more helpful. There are many theories and opinions as to the causes and nature of depression, and I would like to explain mine. I am no doctor, so I leave the technical explanations and treatment to them, but I do feel that there is much that a sufferer can do to help him or herself to recover from depression, or even to prevent it.

help holding hands

What I Believe About Depression

  • It is a debilitating mental illness which affects many millions of people and many sufferers do not even realise they are depressed
  • Most people live with mild forms of depression and never seek treatment
  • It is the cause of much pain and unhappiness, unrealized potential and suicide
  • It can be treated in most people
  • Seeing a doctor is necessary to correctly diagnose and advise you what you should do if you think you may be depressed
  • The most important step towards recovery is admitting that you suffer from depression
  • Depression can be caused by events in your life or the reasons may appear to be unknown
  • Depression can follow from negative thinking and low self esteem
  • Changing your pattern of thought and attitude can help you find a way out of depression
  • Depression clouds your judgement and robs you of enjoyment in life
  • Depression causes many other related health problems
  • Depression is a stress-related illness
  • It is the most common form of mental illness
  • Depression is not the same as feeling unhappy or sad
  • Depression may be a result of a chemical or nutritional inbalance or deficiency
  • Depression can be either a physical illness or a mental illness
  • To recover, support is extremely important. Doctors, friends are very important.
  • Self-help is a very important factor in curing yourself of depression but guidance and outside help is also vital.
  • Medication cannot by itself cure depression but it can help if combined with therapy

I believe that you have the potential to contribute to the world in a unique way and discovering a purpose in life is an important step towards successful and happy living. Some people search for years to find this purpose, some not so much. Some never find it. I sincerely wish that depression does not stop you from living your life as you deserve.

I have tried to put together information that will help you avoid or recover from the nightmare of being depressed. Please take a look around at this site and you’ll discover so much that you can do to help yourself but please do not ignore the need to get help and support if your depression is affecting you in daily life.

If you feel lost or confused and wonder what to do next then one thing I recommend is therapy or counselling. There is a fantastic way to get instant help which is online counselling from professionals. I urge you to give it a try.