March 23, 2016

Smiling is the key to happiness

smiling face

What is the Key To Happiness?

It has been shown that of all the things that we all search for, one of the most important is happiness. It is a search that has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. If you think about this you’ll see that everything you want is related to your happiness. What I mean is that whatever you think you really boils down to what you think will make you happy.

Many people believe that happiness comes as a result of the material things they get in life. Money, a promotion at work, a house, a car or anything that you imagine would feel good. Are you falling into this trap? You see, the truth is that nothing outside of you can really make you happy. That is an illusion. We are brainwashed by society and the media to believe it. It’s almost as if you can buy happiness. Guess what? Rich people are often more unhappy than those with very little money.

But please don’t take my word for this, think about your own experience and if you are not happy or if you are depressed then ask yourself why. You are not unhappy or depressed because you need to have something. the difficulty is to understand what you need.

Most people believe the idea that they will feel happy when they have something they want. The truth is that we all need something and we spend our lives searching for it. When we can’t answer the question “what do I really want?” then most people try to make themselves happy with material things and the chase to buy more or get more begins to occupy us. To be truly happy you need to do two things: appreciate what you have NOW and realise that there is only one thing that can truly make you happy. What is that? Finding and acting on your purpose in life. So spend time on discovering what that purpose is and what you enjoy doing. Happiness comes from doing and being, not having.

So to continue….Do you believe money will make you happy? Or a bigger house or a great car? Will love make you happy? Maybe temporarily but not for long.

These things all help for sure and without friends or love in your life it is hard but not impossible to be happy.

What is the secret to being happy? It is that it is easy and you can be happy right now if you want. How is that possible you ask?

Let me explain…

Allow yourself to smile. Yes you heard me right, that simple my friend. Give yourself permission to be happy right now. Even if you have problems you can still decide to be happy!

Focus on now, forget the past and the regrets you may have. That’s done. Forget the future, worrying about that can never help you. Because you can only change NOW.

No matter how bad you believe your life is now you can think about what is right this moment and what there is that is good. List all the things you can that you are happy about in your present life. Even if you can find 5 things, (and you can if you try just a bit – trust me ), that will be enough to put a smile on your face 🙂

A smile is a very powerful thing and laughter is even stronger medicine for any sadness or depression. Instead of giving in to negative thoughts and allowing yourself to become even more unhappy make a real effort to take positive steps and think more positively. I recommend going online and watching something funny, perhaps a comedy series you love and just forget everything that concerns you and have a laugh. or listen to some mediation music and relax.

You see, you always have the choice to laugh or cry, to smile or to frown. You have the choice to give up or to challenge your depression and unhappiness. You decide who has the power, you or your depression. If you allow negative thoughts to take you over they can quickly destroy any motivation and positive energy you have and it is difficult to get it back. Smile and laugh as often as you can.

Make it your goal to smile and laugh each day. Make it a goal to do at least one positive thing each day. The power of smiling is that it causes a smile on the faces of others and attracts happy people and happy situations to you. A negative face and mind attracts more negativity and people who will only bring you down even more.

I have often listened to a song by one of my favourite groups from the 1980s – Talk Talk – the song is called “Happiness is Easy” and I fully agree. It seems to be a difficult thing to find but happiness can be yours in a moment. The real truth is this:

You choose to be happy or to be unhappy.

You might say that events in life make us unhappy or depressed and it is true that sad events such as a loved one dying can be devastating but most daily events can only shake your happiness if you allow them too. You choose how to respond to life and the events that occur to you. There will be problems and difficult times but have you noticed some people are always miserable and others are always happy? What is the difference? Do you think they experience different things in life or do they have similar problems? It is the way you react to life that makes the difference.

Smile and see the humour in life. Make fun of yourself and of others (but in a nice way of course!) Lighten up and smile. Look for what is good rather than what is not.

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