March 23, 2016

Stress and Depression

Stress is a normal part of life. Modern life is very stressful and avoiding it is just not possible. You can minimize unnecessary stress but the most important thing that should concern you is your reaction to stress. It is clear that your inner world determines how you cope with stress. Compare two people in the same job with similar daily routines, one may be over-stressed, the other relaxed and happy.This shows that each of us reacts to stress in a different way. If you suffer from depression, did you realize that it is often a stress related disorder?

stressed manIf you suffer from depression with a clear cause then you are lucky because you can, with help, overcome the problem and the pain of your depression. The cause in this case is nearly always stress and your response to it.

Stress on its own, however, cannot cause depression. It is the symptoms of stress that can lead to feeling depressed. Stress contributes because it makes you tired and unhappy which can also start to affect your health both physically and mentally. You may start to worry and complain and feel that your life is not pleasant. If this turns into anxiety then you are heading in a very negative direction. Feeling depressed is when your anxiety and worry become normal for you, and if it continues for some time you may begin to feel that life is too much. If you feel overwhelmed by these anxious feelings you may start to lose hope that things will improve. This loss of hope can easily result in depression. It is a downward spiral.

Excessive stress also can make you irritable and aggressive, even angry. I have heard depression defined as anger turned inward. The important point here is that you need to stop the build up of all these negative feelings and especially when you hold them inside. If you do this you are planting seeds in a very negative garden and this can develop into the depressed state if you do not change your inner self. How to do this is what we will discuss here and  hope it will help you to manage your life much better.

Stress is something that you need to deal with to restore your well-being. Stress can cause you to be tired, irritable, less productive and it can destroy your sleep and affect how you cope with daily life. It can even ruin your close relationships and cause arguments. When you are stressed your concentration and thinking will be negatively affected so it can become almost impossible to make decisions or take the action necessary to help yourself feel better and more able to cope.

Don’t panic though as I’m going to try to help you if you are suffering from stress. Read on…

So what can you do to help yourself?

In order to deal with your depression you need to deal with the source of your stress and manage your response to it. Self hypnosis can really help. Dealing with any problem will release you from stress and make your life so much better that the next steps in your recovery will be much easier. In order to properly deal with your stress sources and gain effective management of these you may need some form of treatment so do think about consulting a professional and admit that you have a problem. Believe me, facing up to a problem is easier with support and help from a professional can put you on the right path.

How exactly are stress and depression related? Easy, stress can cause depression and depression can cause stress which keeps the depression spiraling down and getting worse. You need to break the cycle. This is where depression treatment can help you reduce the stress and your response to it. I also think that self help has a part to play and that ultimately you will be involved in healing yourself. Doctors and psychologists cannot cure you, but they can help you.

Simple steps you can take to manage your stress

  • Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol. many people try these to ease the pain but it works against the body and weakens you. Both these substances can lift you for a short while but they are best avoided because later on you will feel even worse. Alcohol actually increases the likelihood of feeling depressed.
  • Get some exercise. This will calm you down and take your mind off what is causing the stress. It is quite impossible, for example, to take part in a sport or strenuous activity requiring concentration and think about your problems or worries.
  • Get better quality sleep. More often than not it is actually more important to fully relax and enjoy good sleep. Just trying to get more is not enough. Try relaxation techniques or even hypnosis before sleeping.
  • Try meditation. Even a short session each day can make a huge difference.
  • Two things that increase stress in our modern lives are not having enough time to get the important things done and putting things off. Dealing with procrastination often involves time-management. When you can manage your time better and become more productive, you will feel less stressed and more in control.
  • Be assertive and say no. Are you always saying yes to others because you feel like you can’t refuse them? Maybe this is draining you or they could be taking advantage of you. It is good to help pthers but not at the cost of taking care of your own needs which also need to be respected. You will feel much less stress when you learn to stick up for yourself and say no to others.

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There are many ways to reduce stress in your life and there are many ways to manage the stress which you cannot avoid in your life. This two way defense can protect you from becoming a depressed person but if you are depressed and suffering from stress, you will need help in recovering from your disorder.

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