Depression Cure – How to be Happy and Feel Good

March 23, 2016


This page contains information about depression cures and offers you practical advice about how to be happy. Different forms of depression require different depression cures and so it is wise to find out about treatments suitable for you by consulting a professional who will first decide what kind of depression you have.

Depression cures include:

  • Medication – antidepressants – they cure depression by changing the chemical activity in the brain. Medication usually acts as a short term way to control depression. Most anti-depressants can not be taken long term. Medication is usually prescribed by doctors and can be used effectively with therapy and self help.
  • Natural Cures – herbal remedies, food, exercise etc. Read more about natural cures for depression here
  • Self Help –  books, support from friends, improving your self esteem, affirmations, websites about depression all can help to give you the best chance for a depression cure that will work for you.
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helps you change the way you react to situations in your life which make you feel depressed. This therapy can provide a real and lasting depression cure as it also helps you to cope with stress and problems and avoid falling into depression again. There are other forms of therapy and it is highly recommended as a possible cure.  Counseling and therapy is a great way to get help with your depression.

The more information you have about depression cures the better!

Find out more about treatments here

Can Medication Fix Depression?

Medication is important but there are lots of alternative treatments and medication may not be neceesary for many people. The most successful strategy for beating depression is to use all the tools available and let others help where they can. – therapy, self help, books, changed attitude, improved self esteem, friends. Here is a very depression treatment as well as information about the causes, signs and symptoms and how to seek help.

How to become happier and less depressed

Visit inspiring stories to find out how others have improved their lives.

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Depression cure step one:

Are you miserable and don’t know what to do about it?

  • I am unhappy because ……
  • How can I be happy when ….
  • I will be happy when…..

Putting conditions on your happiness means you cannot be happy now and you won’t be happy until your conditions are met.

The mistake is that even if your conditions are reached you set new ones again and again. Decide to be happy now while you are working to achieve what you want and need. Enjoy the journey!

A depression cure is possible if you work at it and get the right help. One thing you should do is improve how you think about yourself – take a look at this self esteem book I’ve written.

Depression cure summary: Here are some changes you can make now to become a happier person:

  • Be true to yourself
  • Look to the present, drop the future worry and the past regret
  • Focus on positives not negatives
  • Give yourself permission to move forward
  • Work on your self confidence and self esteem.
  • Make a list of everything that you are thankful for now in your life

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Read About Depression

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