March 23, 2016

Depression Medication

In order to aid recovery in patients doctors often consider medication as part of the process. Medication in itself cannot solve the problem but can relieve the symptoms. When the pain or other effects are lessened the person suffering from depression can begin to look at ways of solving his or her problems. It is quite impossible for anybody to think clearly about problems they have with an open mind when depression grips them and colours their view.

Depression medication makes recovery possible and helps the sufferer to get a grip of the situation. Here is a description of some of the medicines doctors may prescribe for depression.

Medication for Depression



First choice depression medication prescribed for patients with mild or severe depression. The antidepressants help the patient by easing or taking away the symptoms so that problems can be faced. There is no way that problems causing the depression can be resolved if the patient is affected by strong negative feelings. In fact, when someone is feeling depressed they may not be able to think clearly and may be unable to take responsibility for any problems which need to be dealt with. This is why medication helps. When a person is calm and in a better state of mind then they can begin some form of therapy and start to consider how to address the problems which cause all these negative feelings.

However, a word of caution when talking about antidepressants. There can be side effects such as nausea, irritability, sweating, constipation, sleeping problems, drowsiness and fatigue for example. One problem that may occur when someone starts taking medication for depression is that the temporary side effects may be upsetting or cause the person to quit before they have been given a chance to work. It is very important, therefore, for anyone who takes antidepressants for the first time is aware of these possible side effects but is encouraged to persevere until they go away.

Antidepressants work on the chemical activity on the brain and stop a person dropping into severe depression, rather feelings are normalized to those of others experiencing events which make them sad. They are not addictive but it is important that they are taken exactly as the doctor prescribed. They may take as long as six weeks to begin working. It is also important that when the course of medication ends that a doctor is consulted because it is important not to stop taking the medication suddenly. Serious withdrawal symptoms can occur if this happens. A doctor will advise how to stop the medication, usually by gradual reduction of the dosage.

Anxiety medication:

Some antidepressants can also treat anxiety as well as depression. If anxiety is severe or occurs over a longer period then medication may be prescribed by a doctor. There are different kinds of anxiety disorders, such as:

  • GAD – General Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobia
  • OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder
  • PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder

Medication for anxiety includes medicines like Effexor, Sertraline, Paxil, Zoloft, Anafranil, Prozac, Xanax, Buspirone and Valium. Beta blockers like Propranolol are used to control anxiety when someone has a speech, presentation or meeting which causes a lot of stress.

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A newer kind of antidepressant which causes fewer side effects. SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor. The most common of these medicines are Prozac, Celexa, Paxil and Luvox. Long term use can cause weight gain but this is also true of most antidepressants.


These may be used to treat Bipolar Disorder. Some of the common medicines in this group are Lamictal, Tegretol, Neurontin, Topamax. Those suffering from Bipolar Disorder often take more than one kind of medication such as Lithium or a mood stabilizer. A careful diagnosis is necessary to prescribe the appropriate medication for sufferers of Bipolar Disorder.

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Natural Medication:

Natural remedies are not proven but can be taken for mild cases of depression. For severe or major cases you should consult a doctor rather than try to treat it yourself naturally. Whatever the facts, many people have been helped with natural medicines.

There are also some natural forms of medication or herbal treatments such as St. John’s Wort, Gingko Balboa, Chromium and others. pumpkin seeds are also likely to help boost your mood so you might try munching on those.

Even when we look at the use of antidepressants the statistics show that 40% of those who took a placebo (tablet with no medicinal value) generally recover whereas 60% of those who were given an antidepressant got better. This shows that psychology is a very powerful natural cure for depression.

So how effective is natural medication? St. John’s Wort has been clinically tested in more than 20 tests and has been found to be more effective than a placebo and just as good as antidepressants for mild depression and anxiety. It is not effective for severe depression.

Studies have shown that depression is less in countries like Japan and Taiwan where they eat a lot of fish – depression rates are up to 10 times lower than USA. Omega 3 Fat is now accepted as a natural remedy for depression.

On the other hand, there are things to avoid if you are want to overcome depression or prevent it. Coffee for example may provide a temporary improvement in your mood but after that you may come crashing down. Drink green tea instead, as although it contains caffeine it does not give you any negative effects as coffee does. Alcohol is the same as coffee, it really is not your friend though many seek the solution it appears to offer when someone has problems.

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Online Counseling

If you suffer from depression or low self esteem, talking to someone who will listen and give you an objective view can be so helpful. The most effective method for overcoming moderate or severe depression is a combination of therapy and medication. Sometimes friends can help but there are times when only a professional can help you. So I’ve got a new and convenient suggestion for you. It’s called online counselling and it’s highly effective. The best part is that you remain 100% anonymous and can do it from the comfort of your home.

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