March 23, 2016

Seven Mistakes When Dealing with Depression

helpDepression is an ever-increasing problem in today’s modern world. The pressure and stress you may feel as part of your daily life, coupled with the instability of work and career, all add to the reasons why depression is on the increase.

The events that happen to you in life can cause you to experience great sadness, but for most people the one who changes the sadness into depression is guess who…yes, that’s right, it is you!

If you can accept that you are at least partly responsible for your depression, then that is actually good news because that means you have the power to help yourself out of it. A word of warning here though, seeking help from a professional may be a good idea if you are lost in your depression as going it alone is really tough and will take much longer. Get help if you feel you need it.

I have written in detail about the main causes of depression here. I hope understanding some of the reasons behind your depression will help you deal with it better. knowledge is a good thing and the more you know about your condition, the better you will be able to take action to help yourself.

So, you are stuck with depression and trying your hardest to get free of its icy grip on you. What mistakes should you avoid if you want to help yourself?

Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Free Themselves of Depression

1. Trying to do it alone – When you are depressed you may feel the need to be alone and may even stop going out with friends. Your social life can really suffer. Going with this feeling is a huge, perhaps the biggest mistake of all. Struggling with depression is hard and doing that alone without help or support from others is almost impossible.

Solution: resist this feeling of wanting to be alone. I know it is difficult because depression also drains you of energy and motivation and brings out negative feelings and low self esteem so you may not feel like going out and being sociable or visiting friends. Instead, pick a moment when you feel slightly better and speak to a friend and get out of the house for a while. Get help and talk to someone else about your problems. Don’t keep them to yourself. If you have just one friend you can trust, speak to that person.

2. Blame everything and everyone for your depression – You can choose to use blame to make you feel better. Your depression can be blamed on the death of a loved one, on something someone has done to you, on your poor social life or on anything you want, but all you are doing is to deny your responsibility for how you feel. Admit to yourself who is responsible for the way you feel, it is not anyone’s fault and cannot be blamed on events. The responsibility falls on you and only you can decide to end it.

Depression is a powerful enemy because it attacks you from within. It attacks your thinking first and makes you believe you are powerless, and with this you hand all your power to your enemy depression. It feeds off negative thoughts and blame feeds your negativity and feeling of powerlessness. The more you give in to the negativity of your thoughts, the more power you lose.

Solution: start taking responsibility for how you think and feel. You can choose to continue thinking negatively or positively. You can choose to stop blaming everyone and everything else for how you feel and decide to do something to help yourself break free. Breaking the grip that blame puts you in is a good first step. One solution I suggest is to try online counselling with a professional.

3. Giving in to your depression – if you accept your lack of energy and motivation and give in to them you will never escape depression. The mistake is to believe you cannot do anything to improve the situation. Challenge this and get up, no matter how much your body or mind tells you it’s not worth it. You must do something and right NOW! Procrastinating will keep you trapped and make your negative beliefs stronger. Giving in will lead you down a slippery path the end of which may be serious depression and even thoughts of suicide.

4. Refusing to get help – this is often caused by the reluctance to understand and accept how serious your problem of depression might be. Please take this depression test to check your depression levels. Understand that taking on depression is so much easier with professional help. Don’t be ashamed to admit you need help as millions of others worldwide suffer from depression and most people can be treated and do recover in a few weeks or so.

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5. Believing you are just feeling down or sad – depression is easy to deny. If you have been sad or unhappy for more than a week or two it is time to ask why. If it becomes a habit for you to think negatively or feel down then you may need to accept you are becoming depressed. It is no joke that many people refuse to admit to themselves that they are suffering from depression and this means they get steadily worse. It is much easier to help yourself in the early stages of depression and so it is important for you to check if you have the symptoms of depression.

6. Behaving in ways that continue your negativity – watching dark movies, listening to depressing music, complaining with other negative people and spending time on your own where your thoughts can take you over. It is surprising just how many people say they want to be free of depression yet behave and do things they keeps them negative and unhappy.

Solution: look for ways to live your life in a more positive way. Look for opportunities to get away from your negative thoughts and replace them with happy and positive ones. Listen to uplifting music and read positive life-changing books and quotes. Stop watching sad movies and start watching comedies that laugh at life. It is always the same, if you want to be different you need to act differently. If you want to be happy start acting as though you were already happy.

7. Ignoring the needs of your body – your body and mind are deeply connected. When suffering from depression you may neglect your physical needs. You may even stop caring how you look. This is because your thoughts have begun to eat into your respect for yourself.

Solution: You can, even if you don’t feel like it, do something for your body right now. Do some sport, exercise or improve your appearance by taking a shower and cleaning up, put on something nice just to feel better – it all helps! Exercise is a fantastic medicine for depression because it actually makes you happier by stimulating chemicals in your brain so push yourself to get to the gym even if you fee terrible. I guarantee you’ll walk out feeling 100% better!

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